Insecurity is growing in our cities, whether in Yaounde, Duala, Abong-Mbang, all regions of Cameroon are experiencing this scourge. Data on the disappearance of children is certainly unavailable but notices of searches for children are legion. It is undoubtedly this major reason combined with that of parenting which pushed Mr TIAKO Honore to create Secuschool.

In addition to the safety of your children, there is also the monitoring of their academic performance, a real bridge between parents and teachers who, through this platform, can now collaborate for total success at the end of the school year.

Why Secuschool?

Ms. Line TOUSSI, the sales manager at Notisys tells us “We designed Secuschool to place parents and schools at the heart of the child’s education for fairly careful monitoring through digital technology. We rely on safety, discipline and school performance to reassure parents. We have a platform for parents and another for the establishment. Access is through a digital digital card where parents and teachers are connected and receive information on their child’s location through a smartphone or tablet.”

At the entrance to the establishment, each accompanying person ensures that the child’s badge has been scanned upon entry and exit. School staff have a terminal that scans students in turn.

Ms. Line TOUSSI, Sale Manager at NOTISYS

Ms. Line TOUSSI, Sale Manager at NOTISYS

1. You are involved in monitoring your child: Once the application has been downloaded, you are directed to a platform which contains information about your child: their name, their class, the subjects taken into account during the school year, their arrival and departure, homework, grades for each subject, lesson schedule, sanctions if any and also the possibility of discussing your concerns with the teacher, everything that concerns your child and confidential manner.  For a parent of a student, a Secuschool user, “It is the apparent link between school and family, which are two places where our children spend the most time. It is always reassuring to know what the child is doing at school, when he leaves school. It’s a good innovation that allows the parent who stays at home to experience a bit of what their child experiences at school.”

2. Your child’s safety is essential: With Secuschool parents can decide by entering the platform, the name of the person who comes to pick up their child. At entry and exit you have information about your child, arrival and exit times. The platform has focused on data security so exchanges and information about families are confidential and only take place between parents, teachers and administrative staff.

Mr TIAKO Honore and Ms. Line TOUSSI of Notisys

3. A pilot school is satisfied: It is the bilingual school complex Marfée Marie Claire Noah in Tongolo, which is the pilot school for this project. The administrative and teaching staff welcomed this innovation with open arms. Mr. ZOBO Yana Désiré, General Supervisor at this school, talks about his daily life with Secuschool “The feedback from parents is positive because they tell us that they have a way of reassuring themselves that their child is already in class. If there is a disciplinary concern, the parent is aware and can react. « . This mastery of Secuschool staff required acquiring new skills, he continues “At the beginning it was difficult for us because we had to take over. We therefore trained the staff and raised awareness among parents with a lot of perseverance and we succeeded. This is not additional work, on the contrary we cannot stay with archaic methods. This application helps us function well. »

Secuschool offers you several packages at affordable prices to take care of your child, payable according to your wishes. The application is available on all applications platforms.